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A few brave people hand down the torch around the world...
You will find them listed and connected here!

Jean-Luc Godard
Claims to be the official Godard Site. Word is the owner has contacted JLG, who showed little interest and acknowledgement of the Internet. Handle with care.
Tout Va Bien -- Jean-Luc Godard
Good resource center. A pocketful of links. (Last checked status: disabled)
JLG, cinéaste écrivain
Julien d'Abrigeon wrote a long essay about JLG. Here it is (in french), with some interesting extras.
Deux ou Trois Chose Bookstore
Clever gateway to an on-line bookstore where you can order french books by or about JLG. (Last checked status: disabled)
Cinema=Jean-Luc Godard=Cinema
You can't miss this one! Lots of links to sites, articles, essays...
Actually a design firm, but they have some pages about their inspiration - JLG
The Jean-Luc Godard Resource
A work in progress, as it may seem; some articles have bad links. (Last checked status: disabled)
Filmography for JLG
Complete, not verbose.
Can you read an article in swedish?
All in japanese; good pictures (Last checked status: disabled)
Godard Scheda
In italian!
Godard lo scardinatore
Another article in italian
A place to buy film posters (not on-line)
(courtesy of Jonathan Takagi)
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