For Ever Godard
Tate Modern, London, 21-24 June 2001 - For the last fifty years, Jean-Luc Godard's work in cinema and video has innovated, provoked and inspired. This historical moment provides the perfect opportunity for a critical reassessment of Godard's entire corpus and its key role in film culture. It is the aim of FOR EVER GODARD to meet this challenge.

The "tvideo" section of our beloved is the subject of an exhibition and a series of lectures in NYC. (September-October 1999)

Good news for your eyes and for the likes of Godard's chromatic integrity. More in the events section, after the introduction of a series of lectures and screenings at Yale.

In the books section there are some clues for the lucky ones with a copy of the Histoire(s)... we're still investigating...

Information available also in the links page, including some information about where to buy film posters in Paris.
Next, a lot is to come...

This project is about getting in touch with Jean-Luc Godard. That is, gathering all available information about past and present works made by one of the best directors ever.

Original articles and essays are welcome, too, only we will not be able, at least for now, to translate them, so please consider this place as a sort of critics Babylon. Prepare for it! :-)

The project is also aiming at the widest diffusion of Godard's thought and films, so this site's goal is to establish a growing network of people involved in creating events, such as screenings, on-line or paper publications, meetings... anything that could end up in a better and wider acknowledgement of Godard's genius.

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Updated May 7th, 2001


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This is where "Godard Tracker" came out, first.

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