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A very interesting mix of lectures and video installation. For one month, in NYC we will find hints about Godard's "tvideo" productions.

Among godardian studies, we've heard of these lectures and screenings held at Yale, comparing JLG's work with Bertolucci's. We find it really interesting, especially for the rich reference to printed and online material. The lecturer is also the "owner" of the unique Godard Mailing-List.

In Torino, Italy, a recent retrospective about films around 1968 showed two Godard's movies, along with the collective work Loin du Vietnam. So what? Nothing much of a breaking event, which, actually, already took place. The big news is the almost perfect quality of the copies shown. Astonishing color brilliance gave the right light to Tout va bien and to Weekend, and fullfilled our eyes. Not the same can be said of Loin du Vietnam, but the two mentioned above were well worth a close look. So, if you hear about screenings of those titles, try and see. It could be like you're watching these movies for the first time!
(The copies were reprinted by Gaumont, probably for the recent 1895-1995 celebrations)

At the recent Viennale, there's been one of the most complete Godard's retrospective seen these years. Follow the link to read the program and also some essays.

We think it'd be a great idea if more people get to know Jean-Luc Godard. So we came to the conclusion that, given the poor chances of seeing one of his movie, creating such events would be great news for lots of people and one more chance for the ones who still does not know him.

Help us find the right location and gather materials to publish for the one-year projects we wish to set up.
The basic goal is to schedule one film per year (one day or one week in the chosen location), accompanied by the results of one year of studies. It could be the beginning of a utopic Godardian Encyclopedia, as well as incredibly strange adventures around the world...

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