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Everyone is mad at the "Histoire(s) du cinéma", the collection of mot/image that documents the audiovisual efforts by JLG in his personal journey throughout movies' history.
People who don't own a copy (we, for example) are waiting for the chance to get it at a good price.
The ones who own one try to track thought-paths in that astonishing catalogue.
The latter now have a companion... there is a guide to the "Histoire(s)" published in France....


Nouvelle Vague, "Cahiers du Cinéma", numéro hors série (november 1998) 40 fr.
Very soon the Nouvelle Vague will be 40 years old. Given that, the Cahiers recall old and new editors (Douchet, Labarthe, Antoine de Baecque, Toubiana) for a "remise en question" of the movement.
"Vers la Nouvelle Vague", "La Nouvelle Vague en chantier", "La Nouvelle Vague, et après" are the three sections of this issue completed by a survey involving different directors (Beineix, Scorsese, Kiarostami, Roger Vadim, etc.). The cover (Jean Seberg in "A bout de souffle") confirms the strong presence of JLG.

Douchet Jean, Nouvelle Vague, Paris, Cinémathèque Française/Hazan, 1998 360 pages, 400 ill., 495 fr.
A seminal book by the most "socratic" theorist among French critics.

Godard Jean-Luc, Histoire(s) du cinéma, Paris, Gaumont/Gallimard, 1998
5 vol. (I: Toutes les histoires - Une histoire seule; II: Seul le cinéma -
Fatal Beauté; III: La monnaie de l'absolu - Une vague nouvelle; IV: Le
controle de l'univers - Les signes parmi nous)

Godard J.L., Jean Luc Godard par Jean Luc Godard. Les ècrits sur le cinéma en
deux tomes, sous la direction d'Alian Bergala, Paris, Editions Cahiers du Cinéma, 1998
Tome 1: 1950-1984 (Réédition), 640 pages, 540 photos, 240 fr.; Tome 2: 1984-1988
(Inédit), 512 pages, 400 photos. Tome 1 e 2: 480 fr. Format 165 x 235
The first tome's re-issue is essential, given the impossibility to find it these days. The second one starts with an interview about Godard's latest years. JLG himself supervised the filmography; a useful names' index helps browsing both volumes.

Le siècle de Jean-Luc Godard. Guide pour l "Historie(s) du cinéma", Paris, Art Press, 1998 [special issue of "ArtPress+"] 100 pages, 75 illustrations, 50 fr.
Artist, critics, directors offer ideas and hints to read the "Histoire(s)". Among others, there are essays by: Gary Hill, Marc Augé, André S. Labarthe, Jean Douchet, Philipe Forest, Melvin Charney, Eric Rondepierre, Kent Jones.

Liandrat-Guigues S. - Leutrat J.L., Godard. Alla ricerca dell'arte perduta, I edizione italiana a cura di Sergio Arecco, Recco (Ge), Le Mani, 1998 192 p., 16 tav., 24000 lire
[These notes refer to the italian translation of this book] A monography published in Spain in 1994 (Madrid, Caterda), written by two fine french critics. The italian edition includes also a useful "Godardian Cartography" (critical bits, filmographic data, author's quotes, explanatory paths...) which talks about the intense years from 1979 thru 1996.
The monography does not show the usual chronological structure, but traces intertextual lines, pointing out several crucial spots: "Discontinuity", Music", Deleuze-Godard", "The sea"...
If you want to enjoy better this essay, you'll need an exact knowledge of Godard's filmography.


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